Playing the Game



  • An iPhone (the game has been tested on iPhone 6s and above).
  • VR goggles. I happen to like the View-Master Deluxe VR viewer which has a very nice pair of lenses and a focusing knob. This viewer does not have a head strap, so you hold it like a pair of binoculars. I have done a great deal of testing with it. It costs about $25.
  • I also like the Merge VR goggles which are made of strong foam with focusing knobs and a head strap so you can play hands-free. This pair has also been used extensively in testing. They cost about $50.


  • Use your targeting reticle (the dot in the center of your screen) to aim at towers. A quick status circle will fill in, giving you time to decide if you want to cancel your movement. Then you will fly to the tower. It’s that simple. You aim and fly.
  • Look around the battle zone. Things come at you from in front, behind, above, and below.
  • Your spacesuit audio system will give you automated warnings about certain attacks or risks.
  • If you feel dizzy because you may be moving too quickly, stop playing and take a break.
  • It is best to play while sitting in a swivel chair, without obstructions or hazards nearby.

Firing Weapons

  • Your main gun fires automatically whenever you place your targeting reticle on a target. You may also choose to use your trigger to fire the weapon.
  • Landing on towers equips you with a long range missile if the tower is currently loaded. Your missile will fire automatically when an appropriate target is in your sights. You only get one missile per tower and towers take time to reload themselves.

Staying Alive

  • Your energy level is constantly dropping. You must continually harvest gems to replenish your energy supply. As the gem tower rises, you must protect it from the alien attacks and fly to the top of it and harvest the gems.
  • You can accelerate the rate of gem production by aiming at the energy gun next to the gem tower. However, this drains your energy faster. So you must balance speed of gem production against your survival.

Scoring High

  • As you harvest gems, you will notice that you build up a stockpile of gems next to the nearby rocket ship. When you have enough gems stockpiled you can launch the rocket toward the orbiting space station. The stockpiled gems will be loaded onboard the rocket and lifted toward the station.
  • You must keep the rocket moving by aiming at it periodically or it will crash back to the surface. Flying the rocket drains your energy quickly so you must balance the rocket flight against your survival as you fight and try to harvest more gems.
  • If the rocket reaches the space station you will receive a rocket bonus based upon how many gems you loaded into the rocket.

Other Skills

  • Stockpiled gems may also be used to temporarily incapacitate the alien saucer. You will have to figure out how to do this on your own. Be warned: it’s not easy.

Saving Your Score

  • Scores are saved to Game Center automatically whenever ‘Game Over’ happens. They are also saved if you use the ‘Exit’ button on the shortest tower to leave the game. The game must be able to authenticate you and establish a connection to Game Center for this to work. If you cannot be authenticated to Game Center, you will simply not have your scores saved there. If you are in the top 10 scores list you will appear on the leaderboard in the game’s initial entry screen. This is the only data collected and shared by the app. Only your Apple Game Center player name and score are used and saved on the game’s leaderboard in Game Center.
  • Your longest survival time is saved locally on your phone so that you can be reminded of it whenever you launch the game.


Don’t worry if you cannot survive long. The combination of skills required is a difficult one. If you survive for two minutes initially, you are doing incredibly well. You will improve and will soon find yourself a fully capable TerraQuest Space Mining Soldier!




This game requires a high amount of physical movement and uses the full 360 degree range of VR.

Children should play with adult supervision. Play VR games in a safe open area, free of obstructions, obstacles, and hazards. For increased safety, play while sitting in a swivel chair.

If you feel disoriented, dizzy, or nauseous, stop playing immediately.


Tips for iPhone Performance


  • To save battery life, go into General Settings – Accessibility – Display Accommodations and turn off Auto-Brightness.
  • Manually setting screen brightness somewhere just below the halfway point saves battery and still maintains visual quality.
  • Turn off any other applications that may be streaming audio while the game is running.
  • The game will perform properly on iPhones as recent as the 6s.
  • IOS 11 is recommended.
  • You may want to go into General Settings and turn off Background App Refresh.