A New VR App for iPhone

Welcome to the Alien Gem War VR developer blog!

I am preparing the app for submission to the App Store. So far, the process has been very smooth. That’s probably because I’ve been testing the game like a crazy person for months. I’m the guy holding the VR viewer up to his face and turning around in circles while the sounds of lasers and explosions emanate around me.

For a very simple and brief overview of the development I can say initially that the game uses the Unity engine and is coded in C#. The models were made with the awesome free 3D modeling software, Blender.

It has been a process of learning that began two years ago with simply trying to figure out how to make a stack of cubes fall over in Unity3D. From there, I spent many hours learning how to attach simple code to objects and gradually figured out how to make them move around in 3D space. I began knowing absolutely nothing. It’s been both fun and infuriating at times. I highly recommend learning to program in VR. You cannot beat the feeling of success when you put your phone into a pair of goggles and hold them up to your face for that first attempt at moving through 3D space.

It’s just flat out fun development.

Thank you for being interested in this game development process that quite earnestly began totally from scratch and led to what I think is a game that keeps a player active and presents a high level of difficulty.

If all goes well with Apple, the game should be available sometime in the next few weeks.

That will be around the same time that ‘Ready Player One’ opens in theaters! A great coincidence if you ask me.